Summer School

Diagnostics and Prognostics of Fuel Cell Systems

01-04 July 2014, FCLAB, Belfort, France

Motivations and objectives

Fuel Cell Systems (FCS) appear to be a promising energy conversion device to face some of the economic and environmental challenges of modern society. However, even if this technology is close to being competitive, it is not yet ready to be considered for large scale industrial deployment: FCS still must be optimized, particularly by increasing their limited lifespan. Indeed, Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell systems (PEMFC) usually have a life duration of around 2000 hours, whereas 6000 hours are required for some applications, including transportation... Enhancing FCS durability involves not only developing a better understanding of ageing phenomena but also requires the ability to emulate the behavior of the whole system to support the development of improvements to those systems. Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) of FCS is an emerging field of scientific and technological developments that has the potential to provide and enable improvements in the life management, use and support of Fuel Cell Systems.

The aim of this summer school is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss PHM of Fuel Cell Systems, and identify actual and future research challenges in the area. Topics of “degradation mechanisms, diagnostic and prognostics of FCS”, as well as aspects related to the “social and economic challenges for a larger diffusion of FCS” will be addressed. Courses will combine:
  1. academic and industrial lectures given by experts in the field;
  2. real case studies demonstrations with experimental manipulation on PEMFC platforms.

Program and committee

  • Program (full draft can be dowloaded here)
    • Day 1: Introduction to Fuel Cell Technology
    • Day 2: Diagnostics and prognostics - backgrounds
    • Day 3: Socio-economic and industrial perspectives
    • Day 4: Case studies and demonstrations
  • Scientific committee
    • Co-chairs: Rafael Gouriveau (FCLAB), Belkacem Ould Bouamama (LAGIS)
    • Members: Yu K. Evdokimov (KNRTU), Mickaël Hilairet (FCLAB), Daniel Hissel (FCLAB), Samir Jemeï (FCLAB), Marie-Cécile Péra (FCLAB), Mathieu Marrony (EIFER), Serguei Martemianov (Pprime), Philippe Moçoteguy (EIFER), Fabienne Picard (FCLAB), Jean-Philippe Poirot (CEA LITEN), Bénédicte Rey (FCLAB), Noureddine Zerhouni (FCLAB)

Participants and registration

The school is open to both academics (from University) and professionals (from Industry). Scientists and practitionners interest in PHM technologies and application to Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) are encouraged to register.

Registration fee (online registration 200 €) includes:
  • Summer School facilities;
  • Proceedings (hard copy);
  • Coffee breaks;
  • Daily lunches;
  • Gala dinner.

Access and accommodation

The Summer School will be held at University of Tehnology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM):
UTBM, site de Belfort
Rue Ernerst Thierry Mieg
90010 Belfort, France
Download campus map.
As for accomodation, please consider downloadable list of hotels.